FAQs / Enquiry

Q: What are the procedures being set to ensure the Contest is open and fair?

A: To ensure the Contest is open and fair, the Organizer shall randomly request the participants to provide copies of their electricity bill/ metering record for verification and will conduct site visits to all winning candidates. In case of any false information found, the Organizer will immediately terminate the participant’s enrolment. The participant will no longer be eligible for any awards or prizes.

Q: Why register online?

A: During the contest, participants can easily log in the system to input the relevant electricity consumption data and to review their consumption trend at their own pace. The system will regularly send out emails to remind participants to key in utility bill data, as well as sharing energy saving tips suggested by other participants.

Q: What do Organization and Property Management participants need for registration?

A: You only need the electricity bills from July to September 2013 and for the same period in 2014. For those who had lost their 2013 bills, please call "CLP INFO-LINE" at 2678-2678, or "Customer Account Enquiries for HEC" at 2887-3411 for a copy.

Q: How do School participants decide on their contest period ?

A: The School administrations are free to choose any 30 consecutive days within the months of September and October. The timing does not need to align with the billing schedule from the utility company.

Q: How can students support their school in the Contest?

A: The students can simply sign up the “Energy Saving” Deed specifically for the School category from the online platform to show their support to their schools.

Q: Is the Household Category still available this year?

A: This year, we are diverting our resources and efforts to educate the younger generations in enhancing their awareness on energy saving to protect our environment. Thus a new participating category for “School” is introduced to replace the “Household” category.

Q: Power Smart is a very meaningful programme. Are there any other ways my family can participate?

A: Thank you for your support. You can register via the “Property Management” Category. An e-certificate will be sent to you as recognition if your saving exceeds 2% as compared to the same period last year. However, your participation would not qualify you to compete for any awards under the category. For enquiry about the input details, please contact us at 2528 5588.

Q: Where can I find more details about the School category and Energy Monitoring System?

A: Please download the document which outlines the details. Click here to Download

Should you require any further information about the Power Smart 2014 Energy Saving Contest, please contact Mr. Alfred Yip of Friends of the Earth (HK) at:

Tel: 2528-5588
Fax: 2529-2777
Email: powersmart@foe.org.hk
Address: 1301-1302, 13/F, Block A, Sea View Estate, 2 Watson Road, North Point, HK.